Dr Vimala Balakrishnan

Recent on-going projects

Automatic Online Detection Mechanisms

Studies to automatically detect and classify texts based on several aspects such as emotion, sentiment, and purpose among others, focusing on several domains such as healthcare (diabetes), business (airline and education) and social issues (cyberbullying and hate speech).

PHyBR - Personalized Hybrid Book Recommender

PHyBR is a personalized book recommender that takes several users' characteristics into consideration, aiming to improve recommendation relevance. Characteristics include demographic details, personality traits, location, purchase intentions and sentiment of user reviews.

Some completed projects

Sentiment Intensity Calculator (SentICal) : A Case study on Malaysian Airlines Industry

SentICal is an enhancement made to an existing sentiment calculator, specifically focusing on the manipulation of letter repetitions and elongated words.

Opinion Analyzer: Improving online decision making process based on the ranking of user reviews and product features

The project improved mechanisms employed in feature extractions, tested against Amazon datasets.

Improving ranking relevance based on implicit and explicit behaviours

The projects explored various mechanisms in which users' explicit and implicit data can be used to improve search results ranking.