Chee Seng Chan

Senior Lecturer (B.Eng. Ph.D. CEng SMIEEE MIET)

Center of Image and Signal Processing (CISiP)
Dept. of Artificial Intelligence
Faculty of Comp. Sci. & Info. Tech.
University of Malaya, MALAYSIA

Email: cs.chan at um edu my

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Research Statement

My research interests are computer vision and fuzzy set theory. I particularly focus on image/video content analysis, that enables automatic analyzing of image/video to detect and determine spatial and temporal events. Potential applications include visual surveillance, robots, entertaintment etc.

I was the founding Chair for the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Malaysia chapter, the organising chair for ACPR in 2015, and general chair for VCIP in 2013. I am a Senior Member of IEEE, a Chartered Engineer and a Member of IET.

Research Overview


Talk slides

Computer Vision: A Computational Intelligence Perspective
Tutorial at FUZZ-IEEE
How modern computer vision (CV) research and possible directions, tools and novel ideas that the computational intelligence (CI) community may contribute.

Selected Publications


ArtGAN: Artwork Synthesis with Conditional Categorial GANs
W.R. Tan, C.S. Chan, H. Aguirre and K. Tanaka
Build a generative adversarial network to create realistic artwork. Wikiart dataset that consists of 80K artworks are used.
Fractional Differential Systems: A Fuzzy Solution based on Operational Matrix of Shifted Chebyshev Polynomials and its Applications
A. Ahmadian, S. Salahshour and C.S. Chan
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
Introduce a suitable way to approximate a fuzzy solution for linear FFDEs. As applications, it can be used for fractional differential equation models under uncertainty encountered in engineering and physical phenomena (i.e., viscoelasticity, oscillations, and resistor-capacitor (RC) circuits).


Numerical Solutions of Fuzzy Differential Equations by an Efficient Runge-Kutta Method with Generalized Differentiability
A. Ahmadian, S. Salahshour, C.S. Chan and D. Baleanu
Fuzzy Sets and Systems (in Press)
Study an extended fourth-order Runge-Kutta method to approximate the solutions of first-order fuzzy differential equations using a generalized characterization theorem.
GrCS: Granular Computing Based Crowd Segmentation
V.J. Kok and C.S. Chan
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (in Press)
Study crowd segmentation using the concept and principles of granular computing.
phi-LSTM: A Phrase-based Hierarchical LSTM Model for Image Captioning
Y.H. Tan and C.S. Chan
ACCV (Acceptance rate: 143/590 ~ 24%)
Build an image captioning system based on two-level phrase-based LSTM.
A Quad Tree based Method for Blurred and Non-Blurred Video Text Frames Classification through Quality Metrics
V. Khare, S. Palaiahnakote, K. Ahlad, C.S. Chan, T. Lu, and M. Blumenstien
Video text classification based on quad-tree.
A Deep Convolutional Network for Fine-art Paintings Classification
W.R. Tan, C.S. Chan, H. Aguirre and K. Tanaka
Preliminary study on artwork classification using AlexNet.
Fuzzy-Rough based Decision System for Gait adopting Instance Selection
A. Jhawar, C.S. Chan, D. Monekosso and P. Remagnino
A decision system based on the fuzzy-rough set to diagnose the fall risk of elderly persons.
Early Detection of Human Actions - A Hybrid Approach
E. Vats and C.S. Chan
Applied Soft Computing
Study a classifer that is capable to recognize human action when only partial action sample is seen.
Fuzzy Qualitative Human Model for Viewpoint Identification
C.H. Lim and C.S. Chan
Neural Computing and Applications
A view-invariant human model based on Poisson and fuzzy qualitative reasoning.
Crowd Behavior Analysis: A Review where Physics meets Biology
V.J. Kok, M.K. Lim and C.S. Chan
A crowd behavior analysis survey with 180 references.
Orthogonal Planar Search (OPS) for Coronary Artery Centerline Extraction
S. Tang and C.S. Chan
Signal, Image and Video Processing
Investigation of orthogonal planar search for coronary artery centerline extraction from computed tomography angiography.


Unveiling Contrast in Darkness
Y.P. Loh and C.S. Chan
Build a visual analytic model to unveil the ”hidden” contents in low-light (nightime) images. As application, it can be used for people detection at nighttime.
Zero-Shot Object Recognition System based on Topic Model
W.L. Hoo and C.S. Chan
IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
Zero-shot learning based on topic model. Result on AwA Dataset = 49.65%.
Deep-Plant: Plant Identification with Convolutional Neural Networks
S.H. Lee, C.S. Chan, P. Wilkin and P. Remagnino
ICIP (Oral)
Study convolutional and deconvolutional network to understand plantation.
An Improved BK Sub-Triangle Product Approach for Scene Classification
E. Vats, C.K. Lim and C.S. Chan
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems
Natural scene classification with fuzzy BK subproduct.
Early Human Actions Detection using BK Sub-triangle Product
E. Vats, C.K. Lim and C.S. Chan
A preliminary study on early human action recognition using fuzzy BK subproduct inference mechanism. Nominated as the Best Student Paper Award at FUZZ-IEEE 2015.
A Novel Multimodal Communication Framework using Robot Partner for Ageing Population
D. Tang, B. Yusuf, J. Botzheim, N. Kubota and C.S. Chan
Expert Systems with Applications
A new multimodal human-robot interaction framework to support elderly people in their daily life.
Fuzzy Human Motion Analysis: A Review
C.H. Lim*, E. Vats* and C.S. Chan (*indicates equal contribution)
Pattern Recognition
First fuzzy review paper in human motion analysis with 252 references.
A Weighted Inference Engine based on Interval-valued Fuzzy Relational Theory
C.K. Lim and C.S. Chan
Expert Systems with Applications
Study a high reliability inference engine that is rule-free, tolerate to uncertainty with interval-valued fuzzy sets and consider features weight. Tested on 3 publicly available medical data sets, i.e. Statlog Heart (Heart), Pima Indians Diabetes (Pima) and Wisconsin Diagnosis Breast Cancer (WDBC).
Keybook: Unbias Object Recognition using Keywords
W.L. Hoo, C.H. Lim and C.S. Chan
Expert Systems with Applications
An improved codebook representation for unbias object recognition.
A Runge-Kutta Method with Reduced Number of Function Evaluations to Solve Hybrid Fuzzy Differential Equations
A. Ahmadian, S. Salahshour and C.S. Chan
Soft Computing
Apply a family of Runge–Kutta methods to solve 1st order hybrid FDE.
Color Video Denoising using Epitome and Sparse Coding
H.Y. Lee, W.L. Hoo and C.S. Chan
Expert Systems with Applications
An unified framework to solve video denoising.


Scene Image is Non-Mutually Exclusive - A Fuzzy Qualitative Scene Understanding
C.H. Lim, A. Risnumawan and C.S. Chan
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
Proposed fuzzy qualitative rank classifier to handle natural scene classification.
Text Detection via Edgeless Stroke Width Transform
A. Risnumawan and C.S. Chan
Edgeless SWT for wild text detection.
A Robust Arbitrary Text Detection System for Natural Scene Images
A. Risnumawan, P. Shivakumara, C.S. Chan and C.L. Tan
Expert Systems with Applications
Curve text detection. A new dataset (CUTE80) is proposed.
Robust Synchronization of Uncertain Chaotic Neural Networks with Randomly Occurring Uncertainties and Non-fragile Output Coupling Delayed Feedback Controllers
V. Vembarasan, P. Balasubramaniam and C.S. Chan
Nonlinear Dynamics
Derive the criteria to synchronize two identical chaotic neural networks with randomly occurring uncertainties in system parameters and a novel output feedback non-fragile controller designs using the Lyapunov stability theory.
Non-fragile State Observer Design for Neural Networks with Markovian Jumping Parameters and Time-delays
V. Vembarasan, P. Balasubramaniam and C.S. Chan
Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems
Study the non-fragile observer based state estimation problem for a class of neural network with Markov jumping parameters and mixed time-varying delays.
Refined Particle Swarm Optimisation Method for Abrupt Motion Tracking
M.K. Lim, C.S. Chan, D. Monekosso and P. Remagnino
Information Sciences
Abrupt motion tracking using PSO. A new tracking dataset (MAMo) is proposed.
Crowd Saliency Detection via Global Similarity Structure
M.K. Lim*, V.J. Kok*, C.C. Loy and C.S. Chan (*indicates equal contribution)
ICPR (Oral, Acceptance rate: 198/1409 ~ 14%.)
To identify and localize salient regions in a crowd scene, by transforming low-level features extracted from the crowd motion field into a global similarity structure.
Enhanced Random Forest with Image/Patch-Level Learning for Image Understanding
W.L. Hoo, T-K. Kim, Y. Pei and C.S. Chan
ICPR (Oral, Acceptance rate: 198/1409 ~ 14%.)
Study discriminative RF codebook learning and generative classifier learning in image understanding. Tested on 15-scene (77.38%) and C-Pascal (85.29%) datasets.
FTFBE: A Numerical Approximation for Fuzzy Time-Fractional Bloch Equation
A. Ahmadian, C.S. Chan, S. Salahshour and V. Vaitheeswaran
Study the numerical solution of fuzzy time-fractional Bloch equation.
Detection of Salient Regions in Crowded Scenes
M.K. Lim, C.S. Chan, D. Monekosso and P. Remagnino
Electronics Letters
Employed temporal variations in the flow field of a crowd scene to automatically detect salient regions.


PLSA-based Zero-Shot Learning
W.L. Hoo and C.S. Chan
A novel approach of zero-shot learning. Tested on PubFig (54.35%), CIFAR-100 (54.85%) and Caltech-256 (51.49%) datasets with 2 unseen class.
An Inference Engine Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy BK Subproduct
C.K. Lim and C.S. Chan
Propose two enhancements on BK subproduct.
Fuzzy Action Recognition for Multiple Views within Single Camera
C.H. Lim and C.S. Chan
A framework to model human action from different viewpoints within a single camera.
SwATrack: A Swarm Intelligence-based Abrupt Motion Tracker
M.K. Lim, C.S. Chan, D. Monekosso and P. Remagnino
A preliminary study on abrupt motion tracking with PSO.
A Neighbourhood Search Feedback for Coronary Artery Centerline Tracking
S.L. Tang and C.S. Chan
A preliminary study on coronary artery centerline tracking.


A Fusion Approach for Efficient Human Skin Detection
W.R. Tan, C.S. Chan, Y. Pratheepan and J. Condell
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
A hybrid model to detect human skin. A new skin detection dataset (Pratheepan) is proposed.
A Fuzzy Qualitative Approach for Scene Classification
C.H. Lim and C.S. Chan
A preliminary study on natural scene classification using fuzzy qualitative reasoning approach.
Fuzzy Set and Multi Descriptions Property
C.K. Lim and C.S. Chan
Study the multi descriptions property that received relatively small attentions in the fuzzy community.


Recent Advances in Fuzzy Qualitative Reasoning
C.S. Chan, G.M. Coghill and H. Liu
International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems
A collections of work in terms of fuzzy qualitative reasoning.
Logical Connectives and Operativeness of BK Sub-triangle Product in Fuzzy Inferencing
C.K. Lim and C.S. Chan
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems
Examine BK sub-triangle product for medical expert system.


Fuzzy Qualitative Complex Actions Recognition
C.S. Chan, H. Liu and W.K. Lai
Complex action recognition using fuzzy qualitative reasoning. UIUC Action dataset is used for testing.


Fuzzy Qualitative Human Motion Analysis
C.S. Chan and H. Liu
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
Study human motion analysis with fuzzy qualitative reasoning. Within it, a data-quantization process is proposed to relax the computational complexity in particle filter tracking algoithm. Tested on KTH and Weizmann datasets.
GMM-QNT Hybrid Framework for Vision-based Human Motion Analysis
C.S. Chan and H. Liu
A fusion between GMM-QNT for human motion analysis.


A Fuzzy Qualitative Approach to Human Motion Recognition
C.S. Chan, H. Liu, D.J. Brown and N. Kubota
A preliminary study on fuzzy qualitative reasoning for human motion analysis.


Recognition of Human Motion From Qualitative Normalised Templates
C.S. Chan, H. Liu and D.J. Brown
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems
To model human upper and lower limbs using qualitative normalised templates. Application in visual surveillance.
An Effective Human Motion Classification Approach using Knowledge Representation in Qualitative Normalised Templates
C.S. Chan, H. Liu and D.J. Brown
Explore knowledge base to support human motion inference.

CISiP Members

Mei Kuan Lim
Sze Ling Tang
Yang Loong Chang
Abhishek Jhawar
Yuen Peng
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Sue Han
Chee Kheng
Jia Huei


Mujammil Ali Ali Sulthan 2016 Researcher at Gluerk Technologies
Dr. Ven Jyn Kok 2013-16 Senior Lectuer at National University of Malaysia (UKM)
Dr. Ali Ahmadian 2014-16 Associate Researcher at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Dr. Wai Lam Hoo 2011-16 Senior Lecturer at TAR Universty College (TARUC)
Dr. Ekta Vats 2013-16
Dr. Vembarasan Vaitheeswaran 2014-16 Assistant Professor at SSN College of Engineering, India
Anhar Risnumawan 2012-14 Lecturer at EEPIS, Indonesia
Dr. Chee Kau Lim 2011-14 Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya (UM)
Dr. Chern Hong Lim 2011-14 Senior Lecturer at TAR Universty College (TARUC)
Ravi Shekhar 2013-14
Wei Ren Tan 2011-13 Graduate Student at Shinshu University, Japan