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My research interests include computer vision and machine learning with focus on scene understanding. I am also interested in the interplay between language and vision: generating sentential descriptions about complex scenes. I was the founding Chair for the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Malaysia chapter, the organising chair for ACPR in 2015, and general chair for MMSP in 2019 & VCIP in 2013. I am a Senior Member of IEEE, a Chartered Engineer and a Member of IET.

        05/2019: ArT and LSVT competition in ICDAR2019 in collaboration with SCUT and Baidu has completed. Congratulations to all winners and partipants.
        05/2019: One(1) paper to appear in ICIP-19.
        01/2019: One(1) paper (oral) to appear in AAAI-19 Workshop on Network Interpretability for Deep Learning.
        08/2018: I will serve as the general chair of MMSP 2019.
        07/2017: I co-author a book with titled - Human Motion Sensing and Recognition: A Fuzzy Qualitative Approach is now available.

I am always interested to hear from prospective research students. Scholarships are available from time to time, contact me to enquire.

Latest Works


Total-Text: Toward Orientation Robustness in Scene Text Detection Star

To facilitate a new text detection research, we introduce the Total-Text dataset that consists of 1555 images with more than 3 different text orientations, one of a kind. Extension of ICDAR 2017 (Oral, acceptance rate: 52/409 ~ 12.7%).

C.K. Ch'ng, C.S. Chan and C-L. Liu
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition (In Press)
[pdf] [arXiv (ICDAR 2017 extended ver.)] [slide] [dataset]


COMIC: Towards A Compact Image Captioning Model with Attention Star

This paper introduces a compact image captioning model which is hitherto unexplored, and shows competitive results on both MS-COCO and InstaPIC-1.1M datasets despite having an embedding vocabularly size that is 39x-99x smaller.

J.H. Tan, C.S. Chan and J.H. Chuah
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (In Press)
[pdf] [code]


Low-light Image Enhancement using Gaussian Process for Features Retrieval Star

This paper modeled low-light image enhancement as a distribution of localized enhancement functions using Gaussian Process trained at runtime with reference data generated from a CNN.

Y.P. Loh, X. Liang and C.S. Chan
Signal Processing: Image Communication 2019
[pdf] [dataset] [code]


Phrase-based Image Caption Generator with Hierarchical LSTM Network

This paper builds an image captioning system based on phrase. Extension of ACCV 2016: phi-LSTM.

Y.H. Tan and C.S. Chan
Neurocomputing 2019
[pdf] [arXiv (ACCV 2016 extended ver.)] [ACCV2016 poster]


Improved ArtGAN for Conditional Synthesis of Natural Image and Artwork Star

ArtGAN: A series of new approaches to improve GAN for conditional image/artwork synthesis. Extension of ICIP 2017: ArtGAN.

W.R. Tan, C.S. Chan, H. Aguirre and K. Tanaka
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2019
[pdf] [supp. material] [code]


Multi-Organ Plant Classification based on Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks Star

In this work, we present two deep frameworks (i.e. HGO-CNN & Plant-StructNet) to classify plant. Extension of ICIP 2017: HGO-CNN.

S.H. Lee, C.S. Chan and P. Remagnino
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2018
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